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United States citizens traveling on a U.S. passport will not need a visa for many countries. However, every country has their own set of stipulations for the tourist or business traveler.

Countries which require a travel visa usually have well-defined application process and strict guidelines. Even minor errors in completing forms or submitting paperwork can lead to long and costly delays, if not denial of the visa.

The expert visa professionals at My Express Visa are experienced in dealing with consular and embassy. We are happy to assist you with all your visa and travel document needs.

Most popular Visa Countries include:

Just call us at 1-800-232-9638 if you have any questions. Or to begin the visa process, select a country from the left menu.

Our Fees

  • Regular - $55.00

  • Rush (2-3 days) - $69.00

  • Urgent (same day) - $119.00

Please note that Same Day service clock start when all documents are received in our office by 9 a.m. FedEx delivery, walk-in consulate fee, and expedite fee for visa processing are required. 

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